Data Science in the News: “Careers of the Future”

The data science field got another shot in the arm in January 2013 when the popular technology and social media blog Mashable posted “Careers of the Future: Data Scientist.” This elaborate article includes an eye-opening, multi-part infographic that offers some intriguing insights into this emerging field.

IT service company EMC’s global survey provided the information behind the graphics and article. Among the revelations, 63 percent of data scientists surveyed say their profession will be undermanned for the next five years. The unprecedented wealth of data available to organizations will go unutilized, as they don’t have the ability to “turn that raw data into anything useful.”

Other insights include:

  • The best new sources of big data talent are not current computer scientists (24 percent), but rather current students (34 percent) and professionals in other fields (27 percent).
  • The biggest obstacle to organizations practicing data science is lack of training and/or resources.
  • “Data scientists are significantly more likely to have advanced degrees than business intelligence professionals.”
  • Data scientists have more varied backgrounds than their business intelligence counterparts.
  • Data scientists believe that emerging technology will further increase demand for their services.
  • “Data scientists are more likely to be involved across the data life cycle.”
  • Data scientists work with a wide variety of players in a corporate setting, including other data scientists, management, IT administration, computer programmers, statisticians, and graphic designers.